Poet and Essayist  

Dr. Gholam Moyenuddin, PhD

Dr. Gholam Moyenuddin PhD is an acquainted litterateur. He is the author of 27 publications. Subject matters are as essays, poems, translation, compilation etc. His books on essays are based on literary criticism, book development, book publication, book marketing, reading promotion and so on. Human psychology, men-women relationship, deep feeling and passion, and nature find vigorous expression in his poems.

Some of his important publications are as bellow:
Essays: Pathanurag-o-baier bazar (Reading interest and book market), Bangladese grantha unnayan(Book development in Bangladesh), Grantha niti-o-bibidha prasanga (Book policy and other topics), Kabi Farrukh Ahmed: Oitijher nabamulyayan (Poet Farrukh Ahmed: new evaluation of tradition), Parichand Mitra-o-annayna prabanda (Parichand  Mitra and other essays).
Poems: Bristite bhije bhije (Under a rainy spell), Jutsnay purey purey(Scorching in the moonlight), Shishirer kane kane (Whispers to dewdrops).
Juvenile literature: Bangladesher phal (Fruits of Bangladesh), Mathir manus sonar chele (Human soul golden life).                                             
Translation: Adhunik rashtraniti bisleshan, a bengali translation of the book: Modern Political Analysis by Robert A. Dahl.
Edited books: Khanbahadur Ahsanullah Rachanabali (Vol 01-12), (compilation of all works of Khanbahadur Ahsanullah), Md. Darvesh Ali Smarak Grantha (Commemorative anthology of Md. Darvesh Ali, an exemplary ideal teacher of Bangladesh.

Dr. Gholam Moyenuddin won Shahity Academy Award, Satkhira, 1995; Micheal Madhusudan Award, Kolkata, India, 1995; Juktorastra shahitya parisad reception, New York, USA 1997; Shahity sammelon 1998 Narayanganj Reception,Narayanganj, Dhaka,1998; Palak Award, Dhaka,1998; Sonali Rod Reception,Hugli, India 1998 and Chock Shahitya Award, Kolkata, India, 2000 for his invaluable contribution to literature and book-development.

He obtained his B.A honors and M.A degrees from the University of Dhaka. After that, he went to Japan twice for higher studies in the field of book publication and book development in 1975 and 1979. In the year of 2002, he obtained PhD degree from Bengali Department of Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh.

He is also widely known as “book-expert” at home and abroad. He was the national correspondent of “Asia/Pacific Book Development” journal, published by Asian Cultural Center for UNESCO, Tokyo, Japan for about 7 years.

Dr. Gholam Moyenuddin was the Director of Bangla Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is the elder son of M. Jauharlly, a distinguished social worker, well-to-do man and first elected Secretary of Ahsania Mission (1935-1977). He was born in Nalta Sharif, Satkhira, Bangladesh.