Grade 11 Student  
Ishmam, Ahsan

Ishmam is a Canadian citizen. He is attending Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute as a Grade 10 student. He is an avid sportsman, who enjoys playing tennis, soccer football and other sports. 

In 2007 he won the Doug Philpott Inner-City Tennis Contest in Toronto. Ishmam won the Gauss Mathematics Contest 2006, the Mathematics Club Award 2006, the Spirit Award 2007, Improved Performance Award in French Studies 2006, Excellence Outstanding Performance Award in Family Studies 2005 for his contribution to education and sports.

Ishmam is also a creative writer and poet. His poems include 'Pursuit of happiness' and 'A world without you'. ..........

His name on the Honor list student in 2nd term in Grade 11.

Ishmam is the grandson of M. Jauharally, a distinguished social worker, well-to-do man and first elected secretary of Ahsania Mission (1935-1977) and he is the son of Gholam Mohiuddin and Monirun Nessa Begum, PhD, living in Toronto, Canada.