Research Scientist  
Dr. Monirun Nessa Begum

Dr. Monirun Nessa Begum, PhD is a Canadian citizen. She was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the daughter of Dr. Sheik Yusuf Ali and Taiyeba Khatun.

Her educational qualifications include a PhD in Nutrition. She holds a PhD level achievement in Nutritional studies and has published 16 scientific papers and given various presentations.

She has 15 years relevant experience in the field of Nutrition and Food service. She was a Dietitian Consultant at Dhaka Children Hospital, Bangladesh.

She worked for several years in the field of multi-site clinical nutrition research as well as holding an academic hospital level position. As a research assistant at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, she worked on a project researching the folate status of lactating women.

She was an Instructor on Health and Nutrition at Seneca College, Toronto, Canada.

She held a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Acadia University, Nova Scotia in the School of Nutrition and Dietetics. Her Postdoctoral research was on Aging population, more specifically analysis of nutritional status and nutrient intake of the free-living frail elderly.

Her research paper “The adequacy of nutrient intake among the elderly receiving home care” was approved for presentation at the 36th Annual Scientific and Educational Conference of the Canadian Association on Gerontology at Calgary, (Nov 1-3, 2007). This paper has since been published in the Journal of Nutrition for the Elderly, Vol. 27(1/2) 2008. Available online at

She has also been involved in preparing a paper on fall prevention for the elderly and a critical literature review of dehydration among older adults. 

She has published two books “Swasthy A-Pushty by Abosthapana” (Health and Nutrition Management, 2000) and “Bangladesher Janashasther Anisthakari Pokamakar” (Public health pest of Bangladesh, 1992) university-level textbooks that have been widely used in Bangladesh and many scientific articles on topics related to nutrition. She has also published “Toomar Mukhomukhi Holei”, a collection of 48 poems (1986).

She is the youngest daughter-in-law of M. Jauharally, a distinguished social worker, well-to-do man and first elected Secretary of Ahsania Mission (1935-1977).

Dr. Monirun Nessa Begum is now living in Toronto, with her husband Gholam Mohiuddin. They have two children Ishmam, Ahsan and Marjana Ahsani Maisha.